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September 30, 2008

V1.1 Planning is complete…

by shiftyjelly


Well we sat down and looked over all your suggestions, and categorised them for the next few releases. Thank you to everyone who took the time to write to us! You’ll have to excuse the gratuitous use of gaussian blur, but we don’t want to promise things that we may no be able to deliver. Over the next few weeks we’ll keep you posted, and let you know what features will definitely be in the next version.

As always, we trust you’ll be patient with us, because as we keep pointing out, we’re Aussies doing this in our spare time. We also hope you’ll bear with this web site as well, it’s not our finest work, but we’d rather spend time on our applications then trying to make this look pretty or move it out of the slightly annoying iWeb.


p.s. And just in case you get sick of hearing my voice on this blog all the time, I’ll endeavor to get one of our other developers to write the next update…I’m sure some pizza or something will convince them to come out of hiding.

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