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November 13, 2008

v1.2 And The Internet

by shiftyjelly


So almost 2 weeks has passed since we last gave you an update, and the reason for that is simple. In switching to Naked DSL I foolishly didn’t realise that the nice people at my ISP would yank my internet connection for over 2 weeks!

Anyway enough about me, 1.2 is almost ready, and so far features some very snazzy things:

  • Much improved radar loading and display (including local time display and play/pause next and back
  • Sunrise & Sunset times, you asked for them, and you bet your sweet little bippy that we added them
  • Improved handling for no connection or bad connections, ten points if you can guess what made us implement that
  • Find weather details for your GPS location
  • Edit existing locations
  • Indexed locations lists for extra finger scrolling goodness
  • Doppler wind radar where it’s available
  • Expanded weather coverage for Victoria to include 7 day detailed forecasts in a lot of locations
  • Many under the hood changes, and one or two cool things we’re keeping mum on until release date.

At this stage it looks like going out in about a week or so, providing my ISP hooks me back up with that sweet, sweet internets. I hope you’re listening Adam?

Finally, have we mentioned our competition, we have hardly any entries so far, so you could basically enter and win automatically at this stage 😉

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