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November 27, 2008

v1.2 Released to Apple Destined for your Doorstep

by shiftyjelly

After much hard work on the part of myself and Phil (our designer pretty much sat this version out), version 1.2 was just submitted to Apple. This means that it’s destined to make it’s way into your hot little hands very soon, and yet again, as a free upgrade. The lengths we go to to keep you guys happy truly astounds me sometimes. I defy anyone to email me and tell me that they haven’t gotten value for their hard earned $2.50.

Here’s some of the things you can expect:

  • Find Weather by GPS
  • Much improved radar loading, with progress
  • Local time display for radars
  • play, pause, next and previous control for radar loops
  • Added wind radar where available
  • Editting of existing locations
  • Added sunrise/sunset information to detailed forecast
  • Added support for new 7 day detailed Victorian forecasts
  • Character list in location screen for easy scrolling
  • Many, many fixes (reduced memory use, fixed errors, and lots of little tweaks)

It’s easily the best of version of Pocket Weather to date, and I feel the best version of any BOM app out there on the iPhone market. Competition is a good thing, but version 1.2 was really a culmination of what we had always wanted to do with this product. As developers nothing gives us greater satisfaction than creating great products that are used everyday by people like yourself!

We hope that you’ll enjoy it, and of course tell your friends, family, dog, cat and grandma about it, so that we can sell a few more before Christmas. Think of the children…that’s all we ask.

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