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December 3, 2008

Video While You Wait

by shiftyjelly

Early this afternoon we received an email from Apple, it seems that they are having problems with 1.2 and we have to go through the whole submit process again. As far as I can make out, there are 2 levels of ‘testers’ at Apple. The first level seem to be non-technical box-tickers that run through a checklist before approving your app (does it run, does the small icon look like the big icon, does it violate Apples UI standards, etc). The problem is should anything out of the ordinary happen at this level, they appear not to know how to debug or do anything that would help us out, and that’s when you get referred to the second technical tier. The first lot seem to work around the clock, while the second only during Cupertino business hours. Last time this happened we just got an email asking us to re-submit our binary, without actually changing anything. What happened to it, we have no idea, nor would they tell us. Maybe they lost it, maybe their cat ate it…who knows. Long story short we are working with them to get 1.2 as soon as possible, but it’s just one big black time-hole, and it’s anyones guess as to when our app will emerge from the other side.

While you wait patiently, why not enjoy our new video for 1.2, which shows you through all the new (and old) features, it’s at the bottom of this page.

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