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February 11, 2009


1.3.1 The Cat’s Out Of The Bag

by shiftyjelly

We had planned a double punch of releases for Shifty Jelly, but things didn’t quite work out as planned. We released 1.3 to Apple last week, which contained all the new skins and tide code, but no icon changes. Our plan was to add a few extra things into 1.3.1 and then change the icon a bit as well for some extra kick. That all came unraveled when Apple rejected 1.3 from the store, because it contained a bug that’s been in there for quite some time, to do with the find-by-gps function. This time they were kind enough to send us crash logs, and we fixed it, and released 1.3.1.

Long story short, you can now see the new skins in the screenshots in iTunes, but you can’t have them until 1.3.1 is approved. This is a quirk in the way their update system works, in that they roll out those changes before your app is even approved. If you don’t make the image changes, they reject your app because the icon you supplied in the application doesn’t match the iTunes one.

So while you wait, why not let us walk you through the new functionality.

Firstly the new icon:


And it’s little iPhone brother:


Next up the 2 new skins, and a tweak of the old classic one (you can switch between them in the admin area, or for that wow effect, just physically shake your phone):



And Finally the tides:


Theres a few other little things in there (like the option to include the observation overlay in the radar), and lots of little tweaks and fixes. Also we’ve dropped the ‘AU’ from ‘Pocket Weather AU’ so it’s now just Pocket Weather. That’s one that’s bugged me for quite some time. Finally all of the new skins support landscape mode (of course) and there are a few other little UI surprises in there, which we’ll leave to you guys to find once this version is approved.

So what do you guys think? We’d love to hear your feedback.

Here’s hoping Apple approves this ASAP.

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  1. baz
    Feb 14 2009

    That all looks awesome. Can’t wait for the update to get approved. You guys regained pride of place on my home page after your last update and looks like you aint movin off any time soon. Thanks for for your effort on this excellent app.

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