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February 26, 2009


On The Market and Being True

by shiftyjelly

We don’t often have company meetings in Shifty Jelly Land. Generally we decide what we want to do for a given period and then just go and do it. There are only 3 of us after all.

Today we had a meeting, and decided to permanently drop the price of Pocket Weather to $1.19. This begs the obvious question of why:

  • When we have dropped our price for sales in the past, it resulted in more than a doubling of sales and exposure.
  • We have always said that we are not in this for the money, but we do want some return on our time and hosting costs. $1.19 seems to fit this more than $2.49.
  • The iPhone market is more accepting of this lower price tag. You can argue the morality, sustainability and desirability of that fact all you want, but it’s a fact never-the-less. The only place I’ve seen this trend bucked is for games. Higher priced apps will always have people buying them, but not in the numbers we see at $1.19.
  • We’d like to entice some people who have purchased Oz Weather and not Pocket Weather to try things on the other side. Once you cross, you’ll never go back 😉
  • We want to get Pocket Weather onto as many Australian iPhones as we can.
  • We are launching a few new products in the coming weeks, and it would be nice to get our name out there so that when they drop people know all about us and the quality applications we make.
  • BOMRadar is beating us. I love BOMRadar (and have talked to the guy that wrote it), but really, our application has the same radars and weather. And yet BOMRadar is #50 and we are #70 at the time of writing this. The difference? They are $1.19.

There are reasons against us doing it as well, but we felt that they were not as compelling as the ones to do it. Just for posterity though, here they are:

  • Our product is worth at least $2.49. Think about how much it costs you to buy a pie, or a coffee. Do you really think that Pocket Weather is less useful and has a shorter life than either of those things? In a perfect world it would cost $10.
  • People who have paid $2.49 might be mad at us…but then really…you’re going to get angry and demand your $1.30 back? That’s what chewing gum costs these days isn’t it?

So there you have it, we hope you like the new price point and can convince some people you know that it’s time to buy Pocket Weather 🙂

May all your weather be Pocket Weather. Peace out 😉

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  1. Julian Whitta
    Mar 10 2009

    So, no comments for this post, and nothing on any of the later ones either? Clearly, you lads are in need of some words from your appreciative public. Well, it’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it. Here goes:
    I must be a freak (ask my kids!). See, I reckon PW IS worth 10 bucks, and if it was priced at that point, I’d still pay for it. Which is not to say that i wouldn’t have given your arch rival a long and considered look. But well-thought out graphics will always get me over the line, so a look is all he would have got (Well done, Nathan. Good lad. Always bowl straight). So, I’m thinking that I’ve got the primo Oz weather app at a quarter of what I should have paid. As for the $1.30 I could have spent on chewing gum, I can console myself with the knowledge that PW doesn’t leave a sticky residue…

  2. Mar 10 2009

    Why thanks Julian, you are quite right that Pocket Weather leaves no residue, though I suspect that like chewing gum, it’s probably not a good idea to eat it.

    I think we achieved our goal though, we are now at #24 (it was #70 at the time of writing). Our sales have more than doubled, and more people are getting to experience our products. We have heard from other people that would also happily pay $10, and we love you guys, but I suspect you’re the exception, not the norm 🙂

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