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March 5, 2009

All The Best Phil!

by shiftyjelly

For those of you not familiar with who does all the work at Shifty Jelly, there are three of us:

  • Russell (iPhone application)
  • Philip (Server set up, maintenance and development)
  • Nathan (Graphical design)

While we normally try to keep these posts product specific, we thought we’d make an exception today to congratulate Philip, who is getting married this weekend! He’s marrying our Pocket Weather help video voice over girl, Amy.

In true Philip fashion he deployed another version of our Pocket Weather Server last night (at 2am no less), and so far it’s running smoother and faster than ever. Now he’s going to take a much needed break, so all the best Phil, and we love your work!

While he’s away I’ll be keeping an eye on the server, but truth be told, he’s done such a great job that there’s not much for me to do.

In Pocket Weather news we released 1.3.4 to Apple Tuesday night, and it has a few minor tweaks that should make life easier:

  • Home button on the tide screen, to take you back to the weather screen without having to go through the tidal locations and states.
  • New option to pre-load radar data in the background (turned off by default). For those of you that choose to turn this on, it will mean that by the time your done looking at the weather and click on the radar icon, the radar will pop-up instantly, instead of having to wait for it to load. As always be mindful of your data caps if your on an iPhone,
  • Minor tweaks to memory use and radar screen.

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