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June 4, 2009

Two Awesome & Free Applications Every iPhone Developer Should Have

by shiftyjelly

In our journeys across the vast interwebz, we often discover little pockets of awesomeness that are almost too good to be true. This time around it’s two native iPhone applications that every developer out there should take a look at. Both of them are open source and all you need is the iPhone SDK and a valid certificate to be able to install them onto your iPhone:

App Sales Mobile

App Sales Mobile is a very cool little app for the stats nuts out there (we’re looking at you Graham Dawson) who just can’t get enough of various stats to do with their applications. It basically scrapes the iTunes Connect site and presents things in a very clean and easy to read fashion (graphs, percentages & pie charts oh my!). Check it out, and donate if you like it!

Review Scraper

Review Scraper was built to sell on the iTunes Store, but when the developer got rejected he open sourced it instead. It basically lets you choose any application in the store (even if it’s not yours) and see all the reviews for it worldwide. It’s killer feature is that it hooks into Google Translate, as the screenshot below shows. Again be sure to check it out, and donate if you like it.


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