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October 22, 2009


Pocket Weather AU 2.0 Part 3

by shiftyjelly

Pocket Weather AU 2.0 was released to Apple in the wee hours of this morning (2am to be precise) so please excuse the spelling mistakes grammer-erratical errors in this post. On Tuesday we explained the new Radar features in v2.0, yesterday we talked about how adding locations will be different, so today to celebrate the apps release (to Apple that is, it’s not on the store just yet…) we’re going to unveil the big ticket feature for 2.0!

A picture speaks a thousand words…

Push Baby

Vanilla push push baby! Pocket Weather AU 2.0, your iPhone will love it 😉

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  1. Oct 22 2009

    Congrats guys, can’t wait to see the update appear in the store!

  2. Ngas
    Nov 5 2009

    Hi, looking forward to v2. It’s been over 12 days now, how long does apple take to release it? Cheers

  3. Nov 5 2009

    14 actually, but who’s counting 😉

    It takes them normally a week, lately 2. But who knows, it’s one big black box that no one can predict or look into…

  4. Ngas
    Nov 5 2009

    Haha, I ran out of fingers! Thanks for the update, keep up the great work!!

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