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January 19, 2010


Stating The Obvious

by shiftyjelly

Something happened to me today. I was browsing the app store and came across this (iTunes link). 3 years ago we wouldn’t have thought much of that. $AUD60 was a reasonable price for a decent mobile application, and you expected design like that on your phone. It was a phone after all, those things are limited!

Today we have this (iTunes Link). It costs $AUD5.99 and looks (in my biased opinion), damn hot. I know it’s stating the obvious, but we have come a long way in the mobile world. The iPhone and App Store that followed it has changed customers expectations forever. Now at the ‘premium’ price of $5.99 customers expect a designer to be involved, they expect the app to work well, to be easy to navigate and to look good. In short they expect nothing short of a desktop application experience, but tailored for their mobile device. They no longer think of their mobile phones as ‘limited’ just ‘smaller’.

Personally I couldn’t be more excited, bring on iPhone OS 4.0, bring on Android 3.0, bring on the portable personal computer revolution!

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  1. Will
    Feb 19 2010

    Hey guys, the second app you refer to is coming up as AUD9.99 at this end. Though I’d let you know (and feel free to delete my comment if I’m mistaken)

  2. Feb 19 2010

    It was on sale at the time we posted this, and has now gone back up to $AUD9.99. Still a steal at that price for the amount of work that went into it 😉

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