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March 18, 2010


Time BOM It’s going off!

by shiftyjelly

Some people have commented that we’ve been quiet for a while now, and want to know what we’ve been up to. Well today we’d like to start filling you in. First cab off the rank is a brand new product:

Time BOM

Our latest submission to the app store is a thing of pure beauty. For a while now we’ve wanted something we could have running on our desks at work, that would show us weather information, as well as the time. We call it Time BOM and it’s going off! I think it speaks for itself:

It updates with the latest weather automatically, and also transitions between showing you the 6 day forecast and current conditions. It comes in two very unique and classy skins.

Another thing that we’re really proud is that there are no in app settings for anything you’d want to do day to day. Want to turn the seconds off? Simply tap on them to make them go away. Want to change between the current conditions and the forecast? Simply tap that area of the screen. Want to control the brightness? Simply tap and hold any area of the screen to get a brightness control. Want to change skins? Simply swipe left or right.

Of course for the obsessive, there are still settings inside the iPhones ‘Settings’ application, but they are for things you’ll only set once (like how often you want the application to update it’s weather).

One last thing to note: this application is not another skin for Pocket Weather AU. It’s an entirely new product that’s more of a desktop appliance than a weather application. We don’t intend to cram every single feature of Pocket Weather into this application, but rather to keep it light, elegant and useful. We intend to add an alarm clock feature, as well as new skins with some really funky ways of visualising the weather. As with Pocket Weather we intend to keep updating this application for many years to come.

So what are you waiting for, go and buy it!

p.s. Don’t worry Pocket Weather fans, we haven’t forgotten you, tomorrow we’ll discuss what’s new in Pocket Weather AU 2.1, followed by what’s new in Pocket Weather World 1.1. In the meantime, why not show us some lovin’ by buying Time BOM?

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  1. Stuart
    Mar 18 2010

    Is Time BOM able to disable the lock screen from locking so it displays the data all the time? I ask this because I don’t think Apple allows this and it seems that this is what Time BOM is trying to do….

  2. Mar 18 2010

    Sendin’ the lovin’! I went back to iTunes just to leave this review…

    Awesome concept, outstanding execution

    I’ve got my iPhone sitting in the dock below my monitor at work, with the grey skin showing clock with seconds and today’s forecast. Clean and simple, unobtrusive and chic. Intrigued to see how Shifty Jelly improves it further, but it is already very usable now.

    I own PocketWeather AU (ahem, and the direct competitor’s app too) but I can see this app getting more regular and ongoing use…

    If you’ve been looking for a way to better utilise the iPhone’s high-res screen as a secondary monitor or HUD – this is the way!

  3. Mar 18 2010

    Stuart: Yes it disables the lock screen, and yes Apple has an official way to do that.

    Matt: Awesome! Thanks!

  4. Susan
    Mar 18 2010

    Love this app.

    However, can you detect when the device is on charge and when it is on battery so that it turns itself off after several (selectable??) minutes?

    I can see myself forgetting I have this on and draining the battery rather quickly

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