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March 19, 2010


Pocket Weather AU 2.1 Part 1 – Bringing Sexy Back

by shiftyjelly

Yesterday we talked about our exciting new product Time BOM, which if you haven’t bought yet you really should! Today we want to cover some features that will be in Pocket Weather 2.1. Version 2.1 has a lot of new things in it, and in this post we’ll cover the first half of them, being all visual.

First up is the new icon:

As you can see we’re trying to up the quality of our game with every new release. Our designer Nathan just keeps rocking our world, we hope he rocks yours too!

And of course there’s a new skin to go with it (we call it ‘Shiny’):

We’ve also cleaned up the way you navigate around pocket weather, after receiving so many emails from people who couldn’t find things in the application, we knew we had to do better. So when you click the button in the top right you now get this:

As long time Pocket Weather users will notice we’ve now given prominence to the tides, synoptic chart and national radars. We also have two new features on there: History & Warnings. We’ll talk about warnings in detail tomorrow, but today we’re proud to show you the history feature:

What it gives you is a history of weather conditions over the last 3-4 days, either in graph or table form. We think it’s very cool to be able to wow your friends with the knowledge that the highest temperature today was 35.6 at 2.30pm. We also know a lot of weather buffs will love expounding the profoundness of the occasions when apparent temperature is higher than air temperature 😉

Tomorrow we’ll talk more about the zillions of bugs we’ve squished, and our new warnings section, but we hope this post gets you in the mood for Pocket Weather. We hope to release the new version this weekend!

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  1. Sam
    Mar 19 2010

    Horrible interface. Way to glossy for the sake of glossy. What ever happened to good design that didn’t rely on cheap tricks?

  2. a_lunatic
    Mar 19 2010

    Looks great good job

  3. Mar 19 2010

    absolutely awesome update, can’t wait! the graph is killer!

  4. Ivanov
    Mar 20 2010

    Shiny: interface overkill. I’m a developer, but a committed user of PocketWeatherAU, and whilst I can appreciate bringing back ‘sexy’, it doesn’t work if the actual interface is made muddier.

    The curves are inconsistent and gratuitous, and distract from the key data. I’d be looking at trying to tone down the curves so that the real data can be seen. Here’s an interface tip: squint like crazy and look again: what do you see? I see a blue wavy squiggle, when I should be seeing the ‘Fine. Partly cloudy.’ text. Same goes for days of the week, which practically disappear.

    I love the app, and use it every dap, and applaud the work that you’ve done to now, but img_0595.png gives me the shakes: it’s a really bad step backwards. Darken the elements that are not important so that the primary focus is clear (squint more), and I’ll be happy, as will many others, I’m sure.

    …and for the navigation buttons: don’t fall into the trap of using a font that doesn’t anti-alias (i.e is pixel-mapped to be on or off): it looks cheap and Windows-ish – maybe increase the size of the buttons and revert to an aliased font that looks smoother. Make the buttons marginally larger and the fonts smoother, and it will look far better, and less 1990s.

    On the other hand, the graph is fantastic and a wonderful addition. As is recent history.

  5. Mar 20 2010

    Thanks for all your feedback.

    To those against: I think you have to remember that skins are just that, skins. With the new one there will now be 5, you may not like them, but others will, and you need to simply choose the one that suits you best. I think that you also need to remember that with colour profiles things can look very different on the phone than they do here on the screen 😉

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