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May 18, 2010


Time BOM and Weather Watch – Universally good

by shiftyjelly

Apple has just approved the latest versions of Time BOM (Australian weather from the BOM) and Weather Watch (Worldwide weather). These new versions are ‘universal’ which means they now run natively on the iPhone, iPod and iPad. We’ve added a much requested alarm feature, as well as a brand new skin. So what are you waiting for, go grab the updates, or buy them if you haven’t already!

Some screenshots of the latest awesomeness:

And our all new theme (internally we’ve nicknamed it ‘girly’ but don’t let that stop you):

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  1. Travis
    May 22 2010

    Any chance of an iPad version of Pocket Weather AU? This is probably one of my most used apps on my iPhone, and would love to have it in full screen glory on my iPad when it arrives.

    I would be ecstatic with a universal app with the screens just rejigged to use the full size of the iPad’s screen, but would be more than happy to pay for a Pocket Weather HD if it provides new features.

  2. May 22 2010

    There is every chance, in fact we are coding it up as we speak (and have been for a while now). We hope to have it in the store for the day of the official Australian launch (28th of May). It’s not going to be a universal app, mainly because most of it has been re-written to take advantage of the iPad specifically. You have to remember that the original Pocket Weather is almost 2 years old, and was written in a time when we weren’t Apple coders by trade.

    Our plan is to initially bring you (shock horror) less features than the iPhone version, and add features in over the first few weeks that at first bring it up to the iPhone version, but then blow the iPhone version out of the water. Will post screenshots once we’ve submitted it to Apple.

  3. Stephen
    Jun 7 2010

    Hi! I’m a pocket weather customer, but I’d be very happy to buy Australian and buy Time BOM since adding the alarm. However I’m looking for an app that can play podcasts for a while and switch off – like a sleep function. Is there any chance of this being added with the new alarm functionality?


  4. Jun 7 2010

    Hi Stephen. Thanks for the suggestion. I have to be honest and say no in the short term, but maybe one day…so you’re choice as to whether you buy it or not 😉

  5. Deborah
    Jun 10 2010

    Time BOM’s great, but I don’t find any of the current three skins suitable as a bedside alarm clock for shortsighted people like me who take their glasses off to sleep.

    The yellow digital skin is the closest, but the seven-segment font sacrifices readability for style, and the faint horizontal lines in the background aren’t good for contrast. The digits are also a mite small for me, and since I’ve turned off seconds and use 24-hour time there’s wasted blank space to the right of them.

    Any chance of a “high-visibility” skin that is unadventurous and full of nothing but huge Helvetica on a truly-black background?

  6. Jun 10 2010

    oooh good idea Deborah, a minimalist High Visibility one. I’ll have to run that past our designer 🙂

  7. Jason
    Jun 10 2010

    Really enjoying the use of Time BOM as my bedside clock (and just bought Pocket Weather HD!). Any chance you’ll be improving the screen dimming functionality in next rev? Would be nice if you could simply touch and slide down/up the screen and it just immediately responded. Perhaps have it remember the brightness setting at next launch as I often just have it set the same night after night.

  8. Yves
    Jul 27 2010

    Thanks for your weather watch app. It looks nice and has almost all features I was looking for. The only one I have not found is the option to hear the alarm even if the sound is off on my iPad. I had another app that overpass the ipad sound control but it does not have the weather feature…

    Another nice feature would be alarm day feature, i.e. play on weekday only.

    Have a great day,


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