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June 26, 2010


My Frame – The Little App That Could

by shiftyjelly

Well after a false start yesterday, it finally happened! My Frame (the little app that could) is now back in the App Store:

So what happened? Well here’s a rough timeline:

  • 28th May: A new version of My Frame was approved for sale in the App Store (v1.3).
  • May 31st: Apple calls telling us that My Frame is to be removed from the App Store. No firm reason is given, just something vague about having widgets. We then email Steve himself and he states: “We are not allowing apps that create their own desktops.  Sorry.”.
  • June 2nd Apple removes My Frame from the store. International Outrage occurs. There are riots, looting and pillaging in the streets of the worlds capitals (ok, that last part may be a slight exaggeration).
  • June 3rd We give up all hope of ever seeing My Frame in the store again.
  • June 5th We begin a dialogue with Apple to get My Frame back in the store. I use the word ‘dialogue’ kindly, really it’s more of a monologue. It started positively with them sending us an email asking us to call them, but after that it was all one way traffic. We send emails. They ignore us. We call them, they don’t call us back.
  • Somewhere in June: We decide to take a punt and submit My Frame minus the Twitter and Stickies functions. Not based on any specific advice from Apple, but as a random guess as to what they may object to. We have some minor success with our contact at Apple, who ends up being very helpful, but is still not able to tell us what to change or whether we’ll be approved as part of our review.
  • June 25th: My Frame is finally approved for sale…and then gets removed from the store 30 minutes later. This time Apple did answer our calls, and told us it was a mix up with some master override they have to change.
  • June 26th: My Frame appears in the store, after it’s month long hiatus. Several seconds later, the “where are Twitter and Stickies” emails begin to arrive in our inbox. Here’s the ironic part: we can’t say ‘removed at the request of Apple’ because Apple never requested anything…leaving us in a very weird place.

So what’s the moral of the story? Certainly there are many, but I’m not your mum, and I don’t intend to expound them for you. Needless to say getting stuffed around for a month wasn’t pleasant, but we are pleased that we are now back in the store. We still have no clear direction as to what we can do with the future of My Frame, but no doubt we’ll continue to develop it like the mad fools that we are. So what are you waiting for, go grab it if you haven’t already and join us on board our Little App That Could…and repeat after me: “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can”!

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  1. Matt
    Jun 26 2010

    Well now their “master override” switch is turned off, maybe just submit an update with Twitter and Stickies in it, then see if they approve it? All they can really do is reject the app, but still leave the current version in there.

  2. Jun 26 2010

    Suddenly the ‘blog of mystery’ line is making sense.

  3. Jun 27 2010

    Is there any possibility that you could resubmit the app, leaving out the stickies, but bringing back the Twitter feed? That, and the pictures, are my favorite part.

  4. Jun 27 2010

    We are having a meeting on Monday to decide where to go from here…so we’ll let you know. Perhaps both Twitter and Stickies will come back in a less ‘desktop’ style way…who knows!

  5. Jun 28 2010

    Fantastic. Thank you. MyFrame really is one of my favorite apps.

  6. Even without the Stickies and Twitter, the app still looks good and worth having a look in making your iPad like a “Desktop” ! 🙂

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