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March 6, 2011


I See You’re ‘Open’ and I Raise You a ‘I Don’t Care’

by shiftyjelly

So we’ve been playing with Android development a bit, and I decided to try to upgrade our Galaxy S handset to an OS that came out a while back…

To Update Samsung Galaxy S from 2.1 to 2.2 (an OS Google released a while ago, they are now on 3.0 and 2.3 already):
– Realise there’s no Over The Air support in Samsung 2.1
– Go to their website download exe file
– Fire up VMWare, realise I don’t have XP
– Find old XP Image off DVD
– Copy XP
– Boot XP (upgrade VM, upgrade VM Tools)
– Reboot
– Install Kies (Samsung Software)
– It downloads Dot Net for the next 15 minutes
– It wants to update itself (yes the brand new thing I just downloaded off their website)
– Update (another 85MB download)
– After install I’m in some kind of MP3 player…what the?
– Spend ages figuring out I have to turn off dev mode, then I have to go to the home screen on the phone (it doesn’t work while apps are open)
– Phone appears as connected device (yay!)
– Windows XP spends the next 5 minutes finding new hardware
– Error Dialogue ‘Device not responding. To resolve the issue reboot the device’
– Unplug the device, quit Kies
– Start Kies, replug in the device
– Device appears, and shows an info screen which says ‘This is the latest firmware’
– Google solutions, most of which appear to be third party ROMs and Registry hacks that may brick your phone
– Realise it’s Telstra that’s holding it up here in AU:
– Consider installing some custom ROM called ‘Darkys’ or something else called ‘RomKitchen’
– Realise it’s 11:42pm (2 hours since I started my journey)
– Give up

For comparison:

To Update iPhone from 4.2 to 4.3:
– Plug in, press ‘update’ button in iTunes

Yeah I know, some Android phones don’t have it this bad, but you can’t tell me the above is anything buy a glowing endorsement to the path Apple chose for Software Updates. Carriers as always suck, and I’m glad Apple bypassed them for updates, why can’t Google do the same?

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  1. ozgreg
    Mar 6 2011


    “Carriers as always suck, and I’m glad Apple bypassed them for updates, why can’t Google do the same?” cannot agree with you more however the fundamental failure of the Apple model for carriers, is the lack of “value adding” thus why the carriers only stock Apple because it is popular, not by choice. Goggle are very aware of this and stuck between the Apple one size fits all for upgrades or allowing the carriers to value add. So far the carriers are winning but they are digging their own grave.

  2. TownNerd
    Mar 6 2011

    Looks like you need to stay away from Android. Obviously you don’t know enough about it to use it correctly and/or lack the intellect to use an OS more powerful than a T-calculator. Good luck with the rest of life sounds like you will need it.

  3. Mar 6 2011

    Ha ha of course. An incredibly complex upgrade procedure, carrier shenanigans and manufacturer stupidity keeps the riff raff off your intellectual OS aye? I must say Android people are generally quite nice, so it’s good to finally meet an out and out fanboy. Just so you know the guy that commented before you is a die hard Android user but he still acknowledges it’s faults 😉

    Anyway you can relax I still use an iPhone day to day. Wouldn’t want my incredibly low IQ bringing down you’re average…

  4. Damo
    Mar 8 2011

    To go from 2.2 to 2.2.1 I had to completley uninstall Kies, download and install the previous version of it, apply a registry patch and then update. I still have the old Kies on the PC and don’t know whether I can update it again or whether that will cause a rip in the space/time continuum. I also managed to root my Galaxy without rooting it (non-Aussies will need that explained) but even that was many hours spent reading forums and downloading tools. That part I understand and like about Android – you can play with it if you want to. The carrier updating thing though isn’t a great way to do it.

  5. Philip Temple-Watts
    Mar 19 2011

    Kies is a waste of time for everything but installing the drivers…

    First thing I did when getting the Galaxy S was root it, flash the 3 button recovery fix, flash a custom recovery, copy a 2.2 custom rom to the phone, boot into recovery, update to 2.2.

    Either darky’s or a rom from doc’s kitchen is strongly recommended 😉
    I was running one of doc’s roms for a while. Currently testing out CM7 (android 2.3.3) beta. Can’t wait for official 2.3

    Involved? Sure. Have I learned heaps, and enjoyed myself along the way? Absolutely.

  6. Jeremy
    May 21 2011

    This is why I get my phones unlocked and not via a carrier! You pay up front for it but you lose the most anoying part of the upgrade path and only have to deal with the delay from the manufacturer. My HTC desire got the upgrade to 2.2 months before my brother with his Telstra desire! And it came over the air! No need to plug it into anything.
    Having said that, still no sign of gingerbread yet 😦

  7. Wayne
    Jul 27 2011

    That’s why I went with a nexus s…straight android like out was meant to be. No carrier interference, no bloat, just good old gingerbread.

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