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March 8, 2011


Can Android and iOS Co-Exist?

by shiftyjelly

Today we’re proud to announce our latest app Pocket Casts, for Android:

Which begs the obvious question: Have we gone mad, two Android apps in the space of a month? Have we abandoned iOS for greener pastures? The simple answer to which would be: no, we’ve always been mad, but we’re still committed to iOS development.

The longer answer is that currently we have two programmers at Shifty Jelly: Philip and Russell. Out of those two only one coded all our iOS apps, Russell. Philip focussed on the server side of things, which pretty much all of our apps rely on, and which has always been a full time job on it’s own. Since resigning from our full time jobs in September of 2010 Philip has been optimising the heck out of our servers, to ensure that each day he has less and less maintenance that he has to do on them. This frees him up to do some front-end development, which is something he’s always wanted to do. Combine that with his 10 years of experience in Java, and Androids rise in the mobile world, and you have a pretty good match. If you’ll endulge us a second, let’s rephrase it as a computer hardware analogy: in essence we’re a dual core machine, capable of working on iOS apps on one core, and Android apps on the other, while taking advantage of our design co-processor across both.

In many ways the Android side of things is still an experiment, a way of putting a toe into the water to see what happens. So far we’re pleased with the results, but it’s early days. We’re going to be writing a series of blog posts over the next few weeks about the experience, should be quite interesting!

So what can you expect from the Shifties over the next few months? Here’s our current plan:

  • New version of Pocket Weather AU for iPhone (hopefully released to Apple today)
  • New versions of Pocket Casts for iOS and Android (hint: we’re building a platform here, not a podcasting app as such…there’s a LOT more in the pipeline for Pocket Casts)
  • New version of Pocket Weather AU HD for iPad
  • New versions of our world weather apps
  • New versions of Pocket Weather AU for Android to slowly build up the feature list to match the iPhones
  • What, that’s not enough for you? 😉

So let’s put aside the iPhone vs Android war, it’s pointless, both platforms have their merits and neither one is really superior to the other. It all depends on your preference, and having a choice is a good thing as far as we’re concerned. But more importantly, you can enjoy the benefits of Shifty Jelly on both…now isn’t that a load off your minds? Now go be good little boys and girls and buy up all our apps so we can eat for another week! No really…I’m hungry…

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  1. Damo
    Mar 8 2011

    How’s that for coincidence – I just downloded BeyondPod today as I decided to get into podcasts to listen to at work. Will now grab Pocket Cast and compare.

  2. olearymo
    Apr 13 2011

    Just got Pocket Weather AU for my iPad and love it, and was pleasantly surprised to see I could also get it for my Nexus One!! Really stoked, the widget is the nicest one around (so many android widgets are fugly).

    There’s no free trial version, but then I remembered that on Android you can get a refund within 15 minutes (something I really wish iOS had). Rest assured, I won’t be refunding!

    Fantastic work guys.

  3. May 11 2011

    So far, I love Pocket Casts. Nice interface, love the fact that it doesn’t fade out the podcast I’m listening to every time my iPhone enters syncing mode, etc. I’m hoping that the nice interface will help others discover podcasts.

    But…there’s one thing I don’t see here yet (unless I’m missing it). I have a podcast that is a paid subscription. Your search function returns no results for the program (obviously, since it’s not publicly available) and you provide no navigation capabilities to go fetch it and add it…and pasting the subscription URL into the search box yields me nothing. For you to be taken completely seriously as a replacement application for the podcast functions in iTunes, you need to provide a solution for a complicated problem like this…some sort of manual entry field to add a subscription podcast.

    I hope you get there. I like everything else about what you’ve done here!

  4. May 11 2011

    Also…how the heck do you UN-subscribe to a podcast in the program?

  5. May 11 2011

    Hi Chuck. In reverse order to unsubscribe you simply delete the podcast from the library screen. (tap edit, then tap on the giant delete overlay that comes up over the image)

    We don’t yet support podcasts that require you to enter a username and password, but you can subscribe to premium ones. There’s an ‘Import’ button on the search page, and that let’s you add a podcast directly via it’s URL feed. Never thought someone would try pasting it into the search…perhaps in a future version we should autodetect that and try to import it.

  6. May 11 2011

    Worked perfectly. Thanks!


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