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May 11, 2011


What Are We Doing?

by shiftyjelly

Glad you asked!

  • We just released Pocket Casts v2.1 for iPhone, with all sorts of good fixes and features.
  • We just finished Pocket Casts v1.3 for Android (you know, the one that actually updates properly), and are working on Pocket Casts v1.4 for Android, featuring landscape mode, playing widget, and LOT of playback enhancements.
  • We’re waiting for Apple to approve the new Weather Watch AU & Weather Watch, featuring the ability to add your own background on the middle theme, as well as a few much needed fixes.
  • We rolled out an over the air update to Pocket Weather AU and Pocket Weather AU HD giving you a few new locations to choose from, and some radar updates.
  • We’ve designed the new history section for Pocket Weather AU HD, we just need to implement it now.
  • Ditto for Pocket Weather World and our new 4 part forecast for each day (Morning, Afternoon, Evening and Night).
  • We’re working on some updates to Groundhog Softwares’ Tennis Stats application, that will bring it up to iOS 4 standards, and add some new scoring options.
  • We’re actively planning Pocket Casts v3.0 with some very cool (and very secret) new features.
  • We’ve designed some new widgets for Pocket Weather AU for Android, that we hope to find time to incorporate soon.
  • We seem to be presenting more and more these days, so we’re working on various presentations to make a feeble attempt at enlightening the people about all things mobile and Shifty Jelly.
Right now? We’re drinking tea. Because Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! is that a lot of things on our plate! Anyone want a job? We can pay in tea and coffee 😉
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  1. May 15 2011

    How about a “nudge/bump” function from within each podcast? I find that they are timing out during streaming…and nothing seems to bring them back…even hitting Refresh, back to the Main screen…then trying to stream again. I’m OK with downloading if I have to. But is there some sort of nudge thing there already and I’m just missing it? If not, I’d like to suggest it.

  2. Sammy
    May 19 2011

    Sometimes when I cook, I cry.

  3. Jeremy
    May 21 2011

    Love all you guys are doing and cant wait till you bring optimized versions of your apps to Android tablets. My transformer wants them desperately!

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