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June 6, 2011


Pocket Casts Major Overhaul

by shiftyjelly

For the last few weeks Philip has been madly working away on a major overhaul of the Pocket Casts server. The reason? We now have over 20,000 podcasts in our system, and trying to keep up with those has given our current server a headache. We’ve been testing a brand new ‘distributed’ parsing system since last week, and it’s insanely better than what we currently have. What does this mean for you, loyal Pocket Casts user? Simply that the time between when a podcast author presses publish, and the time when the podcast appears in Pocket Casts will be much, much shorter. In some cases this is currently in the hours, it will be in the minutes instead, and if we have our way, almost instant 🙂

On Wednesday the 8th of June, at 2pm Adelaide Time (1 AM in New York, 6am in London, 7am in Frankfurt) the server will go offline for about an hour. This means that you’ll be unable to add new podcasts, get updates to existing podcasts, or do things like browse for what’s popular. You’ll still be able to download and play any podcasts you currently have before then. When the server comes back up, you shouldn’t notice anything, except getting your new podcasts sooner than you ever have before!

We have some insanely cool ideas for the future of Podcasting, and Pocket Casts, and this server upgrade is an essential stepping stone on that path. We hope you like it!

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  1. Aug 30 2011

    Do you ever plan on making Pocket Casts an Universal app on iOS?

  2. Aug 31 2011

    we do yes. Plans are all well and good though, they are nothing until we actually do something about it. At the moment we are reworking the entire Pocket Casts user interface and the way the app works.

  3. Aug 31 2011

    Absolutely fair enough. I recently bought an iPad after using Pocket Casts for months on the iPhone. Particularly the video podcasts would be fantastic on the bigger screen.

    Love your work, thanks!

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