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June 16, 2011


Melbourne – Australia’s iOS Hub

by shiftyjelly

If you’re into mobile development, then there are two conferences coming up in Melbourne that you have to get to. Russell from Shifty Jelly will be speaking at both, but more importantly how often do you get the best developers and designers in one place, to meet, greet and ask questions of? Philip will be there too, so here’s you chance to see him as well!

One More Thing (13th August 2011)

This is the cheaper (and shorter) of the two conferences. For $249 you can spend a day hearing all about how successful Australian developers came to be where they are today. You’ll get some great insight into their philosophies, strategies and tips for running small companies as well as see the human side to Apps that grace most of our phones. The real key is the lunches & breaks, where you can meet all these developers & designers in person. You can’t really put a price on being able to meet these people face to face and firing your questions their way. We’re certainly just as excited about meeting the other speakers as you are!

Swipe Conference (5th, 6th September 2011):

Pricier and longer than the One More Thing Conference, with a different focus. This conference brings together a more international group of developers and designers, and is everything from the nitty gritty details about how to build apps and user experiences, to guidance about how to run successful companies. It’s our very own mini-WWDC! $795 gets you a conference ticket, and there are also in-depth sessions that you can book yourself into as well.

So what are you waiting for? Pick a conference (or go the double-header), book yourself in, and don’t forget the most important part: be sure to say hello to us!

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  1. Chung
    Aug 10 2011

    Which popular apps are made in Australia?

  2. Aug 10 2011

    Flight Control, Real Racing, Pocket Weather, Consume, Barista, The Early Edition, OzTV, iView just to name a few. check out these links:

    There’s lots more Australian developers I’m sure I’ve missed.

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