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November 18, 2011

Pocket Casts 3.2 for iOS

by shiftyjelly

The 3.2 update for iOS is out, go grab it. Highlights include:

  • Added variable speed video playback, tap fast forward to speed up, rewind to slow down
  • Filter buttons on the episodes list page are now configurable, hold down your finger on one, and choose what you want displayed. You can even bring back the old Everything I Haven’t Downloaded view 🙂
  • Settings for stopping the app initiating downloads and streaming while on 3G -> Handy for those with small data caps
  • the app will now auto-switch to downloaded episode if you’re streaming or progressively playing when a podcast finishes downloading
  • configuration option for whether you want your headphone/bluetooth/lock screen controls to jump through a podcast, or control the playlist
  • Enhanced podcasts with many images per chapter are now supported
  • More information sent to stereos for your viewing pleasure
  • Many performance improvements, bug fixes, and other smallish enhancements (were’s the fun if we tell you what they all are!)
  • Bonus 1000 points if you read all the way to here. Points are redeemable for more points in future.

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