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November 25, 2011


Pocket Casts Lite Now Available

by shiftyjelly

Feel like getting a taste of Pocket Casts without having to pay, now you can!

Lite Icon

Just in case you’re still reading this:

Free Version:
– Limited to 5 podcast subscriptions
– Instant refresh (our server monitors your feeds, so your phone doesn’t have to. Save your data & your time!)
– Stream or download without file size limits, over 3G or WIFI.
– Background downloading on supported devices (so you can do other things while your podcasts download)
– Quick skip feature, one tap of the screen and you can jump forward or back through your podcasts
– Supports Air Play for both audio and video podcasts (so you can stream them to your speakers, or Apple TV)
– Supports headphone controls & multi-tasking toolbar
– Playlist for continuous playback
– Watch video podcasts as video or audio
– Variable playback speed
– Podcast chapter support
– Download two files at once, and feel like you’re from the future!
– Share your podcasts, episodes or even your position in an episode with anyone who cares
– Maintains where you are up to in each of your podcasts (streaming or downloaded) and restarts from there next time you play that episode

In the full version:
– Unlimited number of podcasts
– Automatic cleanup of old episodes, which you can choose per podcast or globally (or both!)
– Push notifications when new episodes are available
– Settings for all sorts of things, how far to skip forward and back, stop downloads on 3G, etc
– OPML import & export
– Ability to have custom cover art and titles
– Warm fuzzy feelings (think puppies, kittens and rainbow unicorns) knowing you’ve supported a small developer

So go grab it!

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  1. Dec 5 2011

    Are you guys thinking about making a PC or Mac Version that would sync with the phone version??? Love your software and pushed about 10 people over to pocket cast for the android…

  2. Dec 9 2011

    Interesting that you went a limited podcast option, rather than a timed trial version like the others. That said, 5 podcasts is being generous! I think you guys might be doing yourself out of some sales!

  3. Dec 17 2011

    Any chance of Android getting a lite version too?

  4. Dec 18 2011

    So in order:
    – We’re considering some kind of desktop option, yes, not sure what yet
    – We don’t mind if people only have 5 podcasts and use just the lite version. We think eventually they’ll need more 🙂
    – There’s no free Android version, just buy it, if you don’t like it we’ll refund your money. Plus you get 15 minutes on the Android store anyway.

  5. Dec 30 2011

    Are there any plans for a light Android version? I currently use Doggcatcher and am curious about making the jump. I listen to around fifteen podcasts and having a trial would give me a way to truly judge whether I want to make a switch. I already did the fifteen minute Android refund, but fifteen minutes isn’t enough to get a proper feel for it.

  6. Jan 4 2012

    @Mikha’el Wade – As a Pocket Cast user I can say its a great app and well worth the money.

    The app isn’t costly at all, the price of a cup of coffee, which you wouldn’t think twice about buying a cup of a coffee from an unknown coffee shop that may end up being the worst cup of your life. But its strange that some people spend days tossing up if they should spend this amount on buying an app.

    Read the reviews, the app gets great reviews, the fanbase love it and the shiftjelly guys squash any bugs that are found at record paces. So spend the ‘cup of coffee’ money on the app and give it a go.

  7. Jan 4 2012

    What Mr Domo there said x200 🙂

    Also exclusive to you we’ll refund your money if you’re not happy!

  8. Jan 4 2012

    I’ll buy the app to try it given I know you will refund the cost if I’m not happy (thanks for that), I’m just surprised that your point of view regarding no lite android version is a contradiction given there is a lite iphone verison.

  9. Mark
    Feb 19 2012

    Please Please Please add sync capability. I have multiple Android devices and would love to use any device and be up to date with my episodes. Between Greader for Google Reader and Pocket Cast they are my two favorite and most used apps I uses all the time. I would love a syncable version and a PC version for use on my HTPC would be a huge Plus. Build it and they will come. Thanks Thanks Thanks for the awesome product.

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