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February 3, 2012


2012 The Shifty Jelly Year Of The Shiny

by Russell Ivanovic

Welcome to 2012, and goodbye to January…where on earth does the time go! This is the first year we’ve sat down and actually planned the year ahead. It’s been quite an exciting task and today we thought we’d share a little bit of that planning process with you. Nothing is guaranteed of course, we’re not exactly renowned for sticking to deadlines, or plans, so we’ll see how it goes.

First things first, we present to you Shiny Item #1:

Our New Website Click Me Click Me!

Off you go, visit it, marvel at it, behold it’s simple, shiny beauty.  The next thing you’ll probably notice is Shiny Item #2:

Ohhh...what could it be?!

That’s right, we’ve been working on a brand new Mac app. No details yet, we’ll just let you marvel mysteriously.

But of course it wouldn’t be the Official Year of Shiny Things (why yes, I did just make that up, thanks for asking) if there wasn’t more than just those two things, and there certainly is. We plan on making some very big changes to our existing iOS apps, as well as our Android apps. This is the first year we’re going to turn our Android development into a first class experience. What we’ll be striving for is an equal (or better!) app experience on our Android apps in comparison to our iOS ones.

Suffice it to say we’re very excited about 2012, and if you own an iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android Phone, Android Tablet or a Mac you should be too! If on the other hand you own only Windows products, then perhaps it’s time to evaluate where you are in life, and what on earth you’re doing reading our blog…

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  1. Feb 3 2012

    are the any prizes for guessing correctly what the “?” shiny thing is? 😉

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