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April 6, 2012


Weatherlutionary: Pocket Weather HD 2.0

by Matt Kelsh

The new Pocket Weather HD for iPad

We’re stoked to announce that our shiny new Pocket Weather HD 2.0 update has been approved by Apple. What’s new? Retina graphics. That’s what.

Pocket Weather HD looks absolutely stunning on the new iPad’s retina display. The high resolution Sky and Dark themes look so good, you’ll want to show off the weather to your friends.

… And show it off to your friends you should, because Pocket Weather HD only utilises trusted weather data from Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology.

Pocket Weather HD is still the best way to check Australia’s weather conditions on your iPad. This version contains all the best features from the iPhone, enhanced and tweaked to look great on your iPad.

Get it from the app store today!

Release notes:

## Note: Pocket Weather HD now requires iOS 5.1.
(all iPads can be updated to this version of iOS at no extra cost)

You’ve heard the new iPad is Resolutionary.
The new Pocket Weather HD is Weatherlutionary!

This is a small update for the new iPad’s retina display: Behold Pocket Weather AU HD like you’ve never seen it before…in full RETINAMUNGUS Pixels™

Listen to what the critics had to say:
“Please stop emailing me.” — Walt Mossberg
“2xcellent” — Philip Simpson
“Made Me Appy” — Our mums.
“(did not reply to our tweets)” — John Gruber

★ The icon is no longer a filthy pixelated mess on the retina iPad. Infact, it has been shinied for all iPads.
★ Sky theme updated to retina pixel goodness.
★ Dark theme redesigned from scratch for retina smashingness. (Please, try the dark theme!)
★ Completely new icon set, in magnificent HD. (You need the new iPad to fully enjoy the high-res pixels but even iPad 2 and iPad 1 owners can enjoy the new, fresh design.)
★ The National Rain Radar finally makes an appearance declaring ‘the rumours about my demise have been grossly exaggerated’.
★ We fixed an embarrassing amount of bugs.
★ In portrait mode, you can now swipe the locations list back and forth. Swipe in, swipe out. Swipe in, swipe out. Swipe… But, there’s one more thing. Please sit down for this bit. We mean it. We’re not responsible for what happens next should you still be standing:
★ We have added an apostrophe into “Today’s Forecast”. YOU HEARD THAT RIGHT GRAMMAR PEEPS. Your welcome!

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  1. bartonnen1
    Apr 8 2012

    What happened to the animated whether icons (rain, wind, etc)? The new design looks good, but it’s all static, bring back the animated stuff!

  2. Apr 9 2012

    They would have blown the file size out to well over 100MBs or more (because of the new hi-res graphics required), making the app impossible to download on 3G, and too big for what it is. When we figure out a smarter way to animate those icons we may bring the animations back 🙂

  3. Steve
    Apr 25 2012

    Love the app. Any chance of putting graphs of last 24 hrs, eg temp, rainfall, etc?

  4. Apr 25 2012

    Already planned for the next release. The Retina update was an interim update while we are still working on a MAJOR new release 🙂

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