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November 20, 2012

Pocket Weather Australia version 3.3 has been unleashed

by Matt Kelsh

After a quick eight day wait at the hands of Apple’s review team, the best Pocket Weather we’ve shipped yet is now available for your iPhone and iPad.

Among the many fixes, we’ve redesigned the full-screen rain radar, cleaned up the card designs, touched up some of the weather icons, changed the background weather conditions to look nicer for the summer, made the weather icon bigger on iPhone 5, + a heap more. (read below for the full update notes)

You can grab it from the app store. If you really like it, please submit a five star review!

🎁 Added:

✔ Optimised weather backgrounds that look Horseome 🐎

✔ Rebuilt full-screen radar view on iPhone. 📡 (see below for detail)

✔ Cleaner iPhone card design. 📈

✔ Option to display wind in knots. 🎏

✔ Improved voiceover support. 🔊

✔ Performance improvements. 🚀


Apparently I’m meant to write something funny here. I’m not your trained monkey Shifty Jelly. You can’t make me write funny things. Time to phone it in: “Man getting hit in groin with football”, “Kid falling awkwardly off trampoline”, “Little kid dressed in adult clothes doing a dance”, “Weird voice-over that has nothing to do with the video that was sent in”. Does anyone even watch that show anymore? I guess these days it’s more like naked guy with machete…ok I’m being told to stop writing now. Well I’ve had fun folks, see you all again in the next update. Before you ask, no I’m not appy and none of this is punny.


🔨 Fixes:

☂ Rain Radar

✔ New, simpler, faster, better design.

✔ Added refresh button to rain radar and added background refreshing for the card.

✔ Fixed bug where GPS persisted after exiting the app in some rare cases.

✔ The radar now centers the map on your location by default.

✔ If your location is outside of a radar’s initial range, Pocket Weather will switch to a higher radius.

✔ Radar control buttons are visible by default. (tap the map to hide & show)

✔ Fixed a bug in the cumulative rainfall views where if you try to locate via GPS it finds you in a wrong location.

✔ Synoptic chart, National radar, National Satellite are now available on card view. (and look great!)

✔ iPad radar settings now persist after rebooting.

✔ iPad radar now tells you if a radar has been redirected.

⌘ Tides

✔ Fixed the “now” time being drawn in the wrong spot.

✔ Fixed tide visualisation not refreshing when it extends into the following day.

✔ Fixed download of tide data sometimes stalling at 70%.

✿ Miscellaneous:

✔ The moon no longer appears for “Clear” conditions during the day.

✔ Old notifications are now cleared from notification center on app launch.

✔ Added URL schemes for apps like Launcher ( pktwau://open )

✔ “Open to top location” now opens instantly to your top location on launch.

✔ Fixed timezone issues with day and night calculations in various states.

✔ Switching between temperature and wind charts in the full-screen data view is clearer & faster.


Thank you everyone, for making Pocket Weather Australia our nation’s favourite weather app. If you’d like to know more about us, please:

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