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December 10, 2015

Pocket Casts iOS Update

by shiftyjelly

It doesn’t feel like that long ago but in mid September we published this in a blog post:

Timing wise it will also ship this year, but we’re keeping the date a secret until just before launch.

Since then a lot of you have been sitting on the edge of your seats waiting for this release, and we know the clock is ticking. So today we have some news for you all!


As you’ve guessed, we haven’t been able to finish the app in time to make the end of year cut-off. Delays to our other app that we shipped last week, Pocket Weather, spilled over into delays for Pocket Casts. This is, alas, how software development often goes.

That said we don’t intend to leave you empty handed. You’ve all waited too long, and hassled us (in the nicest possible ways) too much. So we’re going to let 100 lucky people into our TestFlight beta that we’re prepping. The beta will be available next week. You can register here We’ll notify you if you get accepted and you get to be part of shaping the future of our iOS app. No pressure.

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