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December 17, 2015

Pocket Weather 5.1

by shiftyjelly


Thanks for all your feedback to date, we’ve been reading it all and making improvements to the app based on it. This update is mainly a bug fix and minor update release, but rest assured that there are bigger updates to come. The iPad interface in particular is something we intend to focus on. We intend to roll those out slowly and deliberately with lots of testing rather than rushing them out before the holiday break.

Some highlights for this release:

  • Added ‘Graph Feels Like’ option in settings for those that are into that
  • Added current temperature reading to the location list
  • Current temperature on the main screen now has 1 decimal point
  • Fixed an issue where turning on bold text would cause some temps to not be displayed. You can now turn Bold back on in your accessibility settings if you’ve turned it off to get them to appear.
  • Fixed issues with the warning icon and accessibility settings
  • Fixed app icon badge not updated properly when you close the app
  • Fixed crashes related to re-ordering locations
  • Fixed an issue where the warning icon would wander off down the page. No idea why but it really didn’t want to be in the top right. Rebels are like that sometimes.
  • Fixed performance issues with older iOS devices
  • Tweaked the order of the layers on the radar card so that important things are still visible when it’s raining
  • Warnings can now be opened directly from a notification, also fixed issues with loading of warnings
  • Drastically reduced memory usage of the app
  • Tide height now updates as you scroll the tide graph
  • Lots of other small performance fixes and improvements

We hope you enjoy 5.1, and your holiday break. We’ll see you all in the new year!

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