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April 13, 2016

Pocket Weather 5.2

by shiftyjelly

Welcome to the Pocket Weather Autumn update!

pocketweather5.2@2xWe know a lot of you have been eagerly awaiting this update to see where we took it and how we could take your feedback on board. We’d also like to thank all those people that joined our Beta Program and have provided us with bug reports and improvement ideas over the last few months.

But let’s talk about some of the big improvements, first on the iPad:
We’ve been hard at work on a brand new interface that utilises the space available on your iPad so that you can get to all your data without having to drill down into it. At the top you’ll find the timeline card which now shows you full weather information at a glance. Below it all the observational data you could ever need. Below those the full graph, radar and tidal information for your location. You can also turn any of these cards on or off, or even re-arrange them to suit your needs. Split screen support is still there, and the interface will intelligently adapt to whatever size you choose.

And of course there’s the iPhone as well. Here we’ve redesigned the header to make information more easily accessible and easier to read. We’ve improved the speed at which the app opens and the speed it refreshes at. We’ve fixed bugs like the Today Widget not updating sometimes. We’ve gone through all the automated crash reports we receive and fixed those issues one by one as well.

Overall it’s a smoother, nicer weather experience that you can enjoy as the temperatures start to dip in our great southern land. Once again to our Beta testers we say thanks for helping us get this release ready. To our loyal customers we say thanks for your constructive feedback and for holding us to the high standard we’ve always set for ourselves. And more importantly to you all, go enjoy some of the nice weather headed our way.

This update means that we are now able to turn our full attention to the long awaited Pocket Casts iOS update, with small, incremental updates to Pocket Weather going forward. Everybody wins! ğŸŽ‰

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