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Lite Is The New White

We’re proud to announce the first of our new applications on the iTunes Store was released today: Pocket Weather AU Lite. It’s basically a slimmed down Pocket Weather AU that we’ve released free of charge. We’ve only removed features though, not crippled it, so if all you want is forecast information and the default skin then this app would suffice. We are of course hoping that it will get the Pocket Weather name out there and result in more sales of the full version, but as with everything we do, this is an experiment that we are all very excited to see the results of.


  • Forecast & observation data for hundreds of areas around Australia (every single location that the BOM has, we have)
  • Automatically find your local weather using your current location
  • Last update is always cached, so you don’t need a network connection to check the weather for the week, once you’ve got it once.
  • Updates are tiny (less than 10kb) so you don’t have to worry about your iPhone data cap.
  • A free piece of Pocket Weather Goodness for all to try.

Why Should I Upgrade?:

  • Animated rain radars to tell you if you’re about to get rained on
  • Animated synoptic and satellite charts to marvel at Australia wide weather
  • Landscape weather view, see it all in one easy to read screen
  • Sunrise/sunset times for planning all sorts of activities
  • 3 more skins to choose from to make the application look just the way you want it to
  • Tidal information for hundreds of locations around Australia (for the fishermen/boaties out there)
  • Ability to customise the application to just the way you want it, like being able to open straight to your favourite location
  • Warm fuzzy feelings knowing that you have done your bit by supporting Australian Developers!

So if you already if you’re already a Pocket Weather Addict, you now have a free version that you can recommend to all your cheap-skate friends. We love all our fans, and we’re sure you’ll help us get this Lite version noticed.

Web Site

iTunes Link

In other minor news: version 1.4.1 of the full version is currently under review by Apple, and contains a few important fixes, so watch out for that one soon as well!


Is It Raining In Your Twitterverse

It seems that Phil has finally settled in to being married, and is coding like a mad monkey on steroids. As such we’re happy to announce the first in a long line of new things we’re going to be doing. Today we are bringing BOM Weather to Twitter, starting with each of the capital cities in Australia. We intend to post weather updates 3 times a day:

  • Morning: current temp and outlook for the day
  • Lunch Time: what to expect on your travels at lunchtime
  • Night Time: Overnight weather and forecast for the next day

We will also throw in any warnings that may have been issued by the BOM, as well as extreme weather situations. This is very much a work in progress (Phil coded it all last night!) but we intend to expand it and make it into a valuable service. We wanted to do this late last year, but have just been too busy, but we’re happy to have finally done it. Things may be a little bumpy over the next few days (because we’re kicking off the script manually) but very soon it will all be 100% automated. Best of all it’s totally free!

If you’re in a capital city, you can take advantage of this now by following one of these accounts:

pwau_adelaide, pwau_brisbane, pwau_canberra, pwau_darwin, pwau_hobart, pwau_melbourne, pwau_perth, pwau_sydney

Oh and don’t worry we haven’t forgotten about Pocket Weather AU, here are our plans for 1.4:

1.4 Plans

1.4 Plans

Comments, suggestions, feedback? Feel free to post them 🙂 (also don’t forget to follow shiftyjelly on Twitter for more frequent updates)


Quick Post: Observation Overlay

Just a quick post for today. We had a question sent to us via email about what the blue arrow and associated numbers mean on the rain radar:

rain radar

rain radar

  • Green number : rainfall for that area in mm since 9am this morning
  • Red number: current temperature in celcius
  • Blue number: wind speed
  • Blue Arrow: wind direction

You can turn this overlay off in the Settings application of your iPhone if you find it annoying.

And who says that you don’t learn something new every day?