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Pocket Weather AU 2.0 Part 4 (Final)

It’s the last day of the week (yay!) and the last update about the features coming in Pocket Weather AU 2.0. Today we cover some more mundane (but very important) tweaks:

  • Tweaks to all of the skins, including skinning of the location list screen
  • 3 new icons for heavy rain, fog and wind.
  • Realtime UV support for some locations (from ARPANSA, more coming later)
  • Radar updates improved to always get the most recent radars
  • Option to disable rotation (eg: portrait only mode)
  • Option to disable load on startup (useful for iPod touches)
  • Many more bug fixes and server tweaks (there are literally too many to mention here, we re-wrote a large chunk of the code).

So what next you say? Rest we say! Then it’s straight on to the Pocket Weather World v1.1 upgrade!

Our designer also wants to completely overhaul Pocket Weather…but that’s a story for another day 😉


Pocket Weather AU 2.0 Part 3

Pocket Weather AU 2.0 was released to Apple in the wee hours of this morning (2am to be precise) so please excuse the spelling mistakes grammer-erratical errors in this post. On Tuesday we explained the new Radar features in v2.0, yesterday we talked about how adding locations will be different, so today to celebrate the apps release (to Apple that is, it’s not on the store just yet…) we’re going to unveil the big ticket feature for 2.0!

A picture speaks a thousand words…

Push Baby

Vanilla push push baby! Pocket Weather AU 2.0, your iPhone will love it 😉


Pocket Weather 2.0 Part 2

Yesterday we covered the new radar functionality that is coming in Pocket Weather 2.0, today we want to talk about adding locations. Adding locations in Pocket Weather has always been a breeze, but only to those familiar with the BOM information itself. In version 2.0 we’re making it easy for the non-BOM boffins among you to add locations as well. So here’s the summary:

  • Totally revamped add location interface, showing information like what observations a given station supports and doesn’t support (eg: wind, current temp, real-time UV, etc)
  • Find nearest location function revised to give you the 20 closest locations and letting you choose the best. It’s now faster as well, because it no longer has to contact our server.
  • Pick locations from a map. For those of you out there that are more spatially minded.
  • Pick from just the capital cities (for the city slickers out there)
  • Ability to give your locations custom names, so you could have ‘Home’ instead of ‘Adelaide Airport’
  • Of course you can still see all the locations in a given state, so don’t worry BOM boffins, that function is still there 🙂
  • Location information is now cached on your device, so it’s a lot more data cap friendly

Well that’s it for todays update, tomorrow we are going to talk about some firmware 3.0 goodness that we’ve built into Pocket Weather, and we know that you’ll really love.


Where In The World is shiftyjelly

Things are eerily quiet in the shiftyjelly Offices, which may lead you to think that we’re all sleeping on the job. The truth is that we are working harder than ever on some of the biggest updates that the Pocket Weather world has ever seen! So what’s coming?

Pocket Weather AU 2.0

We haven’t forgotten our Australian app, instead it’s getting the biggest update it’s ever seen, here are just some of the things that are included:

  • New Terry Hills radar, and a framework to add new radars on the fly without updating the app.
  • New radar functionality that we’re keeping mum on.
  • Some 3.0 features that will blow your socks off (and maybe even make your head explode!) Again we’re keeping mum on exactly what’s involved.
  • Real-time UV updates, handy for summer so you can see exactly when you’re mostly like to turn into crispy bacon…mmmm bacon…
  • New options including disabling rotation, and more control of when the app auto-loads.
  • A lot of code re-writing and optimising, making for the smoothest, slickest and most complete version yet!

Pocket Weather World with Push 1.1

Our newest app, and the one we’re still exciting about updating

  • Support for weather warnings, and push notifications on those warnings.
  • Support for animated radars

The obvious question is when are these coming out? And the answer is simple: ‘When they’re done’. We are talking about weeks, not months, but we will take as long as we need to, because we want to release updates oozing with quality, instead of jumping the gun and getting shot in the back.