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Pocket Weather AU 2.1 Part 1 – Bringing Sexy Back

Yesterday we talked about our exciting new product Time BOM, which if you haven’t bought yet you really should! Today we want to cover some features that will be in Pocket Weather 2.1. Version 2.1 has a lot of new things in it, and in this post we’ll cover the first half of them, being all visual.

First up is the new icon:

As you can see we’re trying to up the quality of our game with every new release. Our designer Nathan just keeps rocking our world, we hope he rocks yours too!

And of course there’s a new skin to go with it (we call it ‘Shiny’):

We’ve also cleaned up the way you navigate around pocket weather, after receiving so many emails from people who couldn’t find things in the application, we knew we had to do better. So when you click the button in the top right you now get this:

As long time Pocket Weather users will notice we’ve now given prominence to the tides, synoptic chart and national radars. We also have two new features on there: History & Warnings. We’ll talk about warnings in detail tomorrow, but today we’re proud to show you the history feature:

What it gives you is a history of weather conditions over the last 3-4 days, either in graph or table form. We think it’s very cool to be able to wow your friends with the knowledge that the highest temperature today was 35.6 at 2.30pm. We also know a lot of weather buffs will love expounding the profoundness of the occasions when apparent temperature is higher than air temperature 😉

Tomorrow we’ll talk more about the zillions of bugs we’ve squished, and our new warnings section, but we hope this post gets you in the mood for Pocket Weather. We hope to release the new version this weekend!


Time BOM It’s going off!

Some people have commented that we’ve been quiet for a while now, and want to know what we’ve been up to. Well today we’d like to start filling you in. First cab off the rank is a brand new product:

Time BOM

Our latest submission to the app store is a thing of pure beauty. For a while now we’ve wanted something we could have running on our desks at work, that would show us weather information, as well as the time. We call it Time BOM and it’s going off! I think it speaks for itself:

It updates with the latest weather automatically, and also transitions between showing you the 6 day forecast and current conditions. It comes in two very unique and classy skins.

Another thing that we’re really proud is that there are no in app settings for anything you’d want to do day to day. Want to turn the seconds off? Simply tap on them to make them go away. Want to change between the current conditions and the forecast? Simply tap that area of the screen. Want to control the brightness? Simply tap and hold any area of the screen to get a brightness control. Want to change skins? Simply swipe left or right.

Of course for the obsessive, there are still settings inside the iPhones ‘Settings’ application, but they are for things you’ll only set once (like how often you want the application to update it’s weather).

One last thing to note: this application is not another skin for Pocket Weather AU. It’s an entirely new product that’s more of a desktop appliance than a weather application. We don’t intend to cram every single feature of Pocket Weather into this application, but rather to keep it light, elegant and useful. We intend to add an alarm clock feature, as well as new skins with some really funky ways of visualising the weather. As with Pocket Weather we intend to keep updating this application for many years to come.

So what are you waiting for, go and buy it!

p.s. Don’t worry Pocket Weather fans, we haven’t forgotten you, tomorrow we’ll discuss what’s new in Pocket Weather AU 2.1, followed by what’s new in Pocket Weather World 1.1. In the meantime, why not show us some lovin’ by buying Time BOM?


Official BOM Reply Re: Melbourne Observation & Wind

As some of you may have noticed, the BOM observation station in Melbourne stopped reporting wind information almost a month ago. We contacted the BOM to find out if this was a permanent thing or not, and here is their response:

“I have made some enquiries as to the status of the wind reports from the Melbourne City site and due to the influence of nearby buildings and the poor exposure of the sensor it was decided to turn off the wind reports from 1 September 2009. The suggested alternatives to use for Melbourne (winds) are Essendon Airport or if you need another backup St Kilda Marina.”

So there you have it, if you want wind from the Melbourne Observation post you could be waiting a long time. Pocket Weather AU let’s you switch though, so our recommendation is that if you care about the wind, choose one of the observation stations mentioned above 🙂


Pocket Weather AU 2.0 Part 4 (Final)

It’s the last day of the week (yay!) and the last update about the features coming in Pocket Weather AU 2.0. Today we cover some more mundane (but very important) tweaks:

  • Tweaks to all of the skins, including skinning of the location list screen
  • 3 new icons for heavy rain, fog and wind.
  • Realtime UV support for some locations (from ARPANSA, more coming later)
  • Radar updates improved to always get the most recent radars
  • Option to disable rotation (eg: portrait only mode)
  • Option to disable load on startup (useful for iPod touches)
  • Many more bug fixes and server tweaks (there are literally too many to mention here, we re-wrote a large chunk of the code).

So what next you say? Rest we say! Then it’s straight on to the Pocket Weather World v1.1 upgrade!

Our designer also wants to completely overhaul Pocket Weather…but that’s a story for another day 😉


Pocket Weather AU 2.0 Part 3

Pocket Weather AU 2.0 was released to Apple in the wee hours of this morning (2am to be precise) so please excuse the spelling mistakes grammer-erratical errors in this post. On Tuesday we explained the new Radar features in v2.0, yesterday we talked about how adding locations will be different, so today to celebrate the apps release (to Apple that is, it’s not on the store just yet…) we’re going to unveil the big ticket feature for 2.0!

A picture speaks a thousand words…

Push Baby

Vanilla push push baby! Pocket Weather AU 2.0, your iPhone will love it 😉


Pocket Weather 2.0 Part 2

Yesterday we covered the new radar functionality that is coming in Pocket Weather 2.0, today we want to talk about adding locations. Adding locations in Pocket Weather has always been a breeze, but only to those familiar with the BOM information itself. In version 2.0 we’re making it easy for the non-BOM boffins among you to add locations as well. So here’s the summary:

  • Totally revamped add location interface, showing information like what observations a given station supports and doesn’t support (eg: wind, current temp, real-time UV, etc)
  • Find nearest location function revised to give you the 20 closest locations and letting you choose the best. It’s now faster as well, because it no longer has to contact our server.
  • Pick locations from a map. For those of you out there that are more spatially minded.
  • Pick from just the capital cities (for the city slickers out there)
  • Ability to give your locations custom names, so you could have ‘Home’ instead of ‘Adelaide Airport’
  • Of course you can still see all the locations in a given state, so don’t worry BOM boffins, that function is still there 🙂
  • Location information is now cached on your device, so it’s a lot more data cap friendly

Well that’s it for todays update, tomorrow we are going to talk about some firmware 3.0 goodness that we’ve built into Pocket Weather, and we know that you’ll really love.


Where In The World is shiftyjelly

Things are eerily quiet in the shiftyjelly Offices, which may lead you to think that we’re all sleeping on the job. The truth is that we are working harder than ever on some of the biggest updates that the Pocket Weather world has ever seen! So what’s coming?

Pocket Weather AU 2.0

We haven’t forgotten our Australian app, instead it’s getting the biggest update it’s ever seen, here are just some of the things that are included:

  • New Terry Hills radar, and a framework to add new radars on the fly without updating the app.
  • New radar functionality that we’re keeping mum on.
  • Some 3.0 features that will blow your socks off (and maybe even make your head explode!) Again we’re keeping mum on exactly what’s involved.
  • Real-time UV updates, handy for summer so you can see exactly when you’re mostly like to turn into crispy bacon…mmmm bacon…
  • New options including disabling rotation, and more control of when the app auto-loads.
  • A lot of code re-writing and optimising, making for the smoothest, slickest and most complete version yet!

Pocket Weather World with Push 1.1

Our newest app, and the one we’re still exciting about updating

  • Support for weather warnings, and push notifications on those warnings.
  • Support for animated radars

The obvious question is when are these coming out? And the answer is simple: ‘When they’re done’. We are talking about weeks, not months, but we will take as long as we need to, because we want to release updates oozing with quality, instead of jumping the gun and getting shot in the back.


Version 1.5 is now available in the App Store

Apple finally approved version 1.5 of Pocket Weather AU yesterday, so go grab it and let us know what you think. The main features included are:

  • The Settings have been moved into the application. Since the emails we keep getting seem to indicate that most people didn’t know they existed, they should now be a lot easier to find. Thanks go to the guys from the IconFactory for publishing a very nice library that helped us do this very easily.
  • Animated icons are now available (you can turn them on from the settings mentioned above)
  • We added the backup Melbourne Airport radar, since the main one in Melbourne is still having problems.
  • We also tweaked the application loading time, and response time in a few of the screens.

We hope you like it, and we hope to bring you many more free updates in the future. We’re still deciding on the features of 1.6 but we already have a few like custom naming of locations, adding tide offsets to the tide display, the ability to cache tides so you can view them offline and a setting for locking the screen rotation for those of you that only want to see it in landscape or portrait. Feel free to leave comments with any additional features you want, or email us at

In other news we’re still working away in the background on a few other projects, which we hope to release weeks ago, but such is life, we’re going to hold onto them until they are fully baked and ready to go.


Is It Raining In Melbourne?

Some quick updates for you, starting with the main Melbourne Rain Radar. It went offline about 72 hours ago, and at the time of writing this is still not back up. This means that those of you living in Melbourne will not be able to access the rain radar from Pocket Weather (or the BOM site for that matter). We have implemented the changes required to incorporate the backup Melbourne Airport Radar into our application, and will submit that as an update to the App Store shortly. I wouldn’t hold my breath on seeing it anytime soon, as Apple are frantically testing thousands of applications that have been submitted to comply with the new 3.0 firmware update at the moment. At least you can sleep soundly knowing that once the update comes out, you will never have to go outside to find out if it’s actually raining or not!

We also have one other cool feature that we are testing for the next release, which we’ll keep a secret until it actually comes out.


Pocket Weather AU 1.4.1 Now Available

Just a quick post to let you know that Pocket Weather AU 1.4.1 is now available. It fixes some weirdness and crashing that can happen if you keep opening the radar, and should also fix the issue where you couldn’t play music/listen to podcasts while checking the radar. We also tweaked the look of the days being displayed in the High Visibility skin so that the day name stands out a bit more.

Thanks go to Alex S and the fine people at Mactalk Australia for identifying and helping to diagnose the issues:

So go grab the new release, and if you like it please leave us some feedback on iTunes. Unfortunately for every new release the feedback gets (effectively) wiped and we are at the mercy of the first few people that leave reviews! There’s at least one Troll who has decided that it’s their personal mission in life to leave us one star reviews that say nothing about the application but just criticise me personally instead. At the same time they leave glowing reviews for Oz Weather. I doubt that it’s Graham himself, but you get people like this sometimes, it’s just par for the course. Perhaps they have self-esteem issues, perhaps they just have no life, either way I just feel sorry for anyone that gets enjoyment out of doing that. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind people leaving one star reviews if they hate our application and say why, more power to them. It’s my intention not to feed the trolls and just trust that you guys, our loyal fans, will leave us a few positive reviews 🙂